Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety or Fear of Being Judged?

We all worry a little bit about what others are thinking of us and how we are coming across. It is part of being human as we are innately social creatures who rely on each other and we have a deep need to be accepted as part of a group. Social Anxiety or Social Phobia however, is a much more significant level of worry about what people think to the point where it starts to affect how someone lives their life.

Nowadays, the levels of social pressure are very high. With social media we are all 'out there' to be judged 24 hours a day and can continuously compare ourselves to others. With this in mind it is even more important to be aware of juts how much you are worrying about what others think and how much it's affecting you. Are you struggling at work? Do you withdraw from social events or feel you cannot leave the house without being immaculately presented?

Like I said, we all get a bit embarrassed by things from time to time but can normally brush it off fairly quickly. But for some suffering with social anxiety the fear of being judged is very debilitating and can manifest itself in many ways, such as:

Often feeling like your being “put on the spot

Go cold at the idea of standing up and talking to a large group of people

Have a very limited social life with very few friends

Being “shy” in common social settings

Dislike being at parties


Worry about Exam results

Always sticking to the rules

Difficulty talking on the telephone

Stuttering and Stammering

Find it difficult to look people in the eye

Unable to use public toilets (Known as “shy bladder”)

Feeling like a “fraud” and that people may be able to “see through you”

Always asking for feedback about “how well you are doing”

If you are worrying too much about what people think you may be suffering with some of these symptoms, The affects of which should not be underestimated and if not addressed can lead to secondary symptoms such as depression and in some very severe cases being house bound and withdrawing from life.

Social Anxiety can influence most aspects of your life and is certainly the most common form of anxiety experienced by people.

Hypnotherapy & Mindset Training for Social Anxiety

The choice of therapy to help your social anxiety is going to depend on just how much the worry is affecting your day-to-day life and what symptoms you are experiencing.  At the Initial Consultation we would discuss this in detail and decide on a treatment plan that will help you overcome your anxiety in the quickest and most effective way. Contact me on 07970298545 or book a free consultation.