Sexuality and Sexual Problems

Types of Sexual Problems

Our sexual life is so personal that people often feel too ashamed and embarrassed to seek help if they are having difficulties and continue to suffer in silence. This can lead to problems within relationships or even avoidance of sexual contact all together. However, in truth most people at some point in their lives are likely to experience some form of sexual problem.

Rest assured I have been trained to deal with these very sensitive issues and will treat you with complete confidentiality and professionalism. I am used to talking freely and openly about these things so I will guide you, with no-judgement, to finding the solution to your problem!

Sexual issues are varied but the typical problems I get consulted for include:


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Sexual Addiction

Difficulty responding sexually


Low Sexual Desire

Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Hypnotherapy & Mindset Training for Sexual Problems

I always conduct an initial consultation so we can take into account your personal circumstances, the nature of your issue and any other factors that may be impacting it. For example, many people suffering with sexual issues may have depression or anxiety symptoms also. I can then help you decide on the best form of intervention to help you overcome or totally resolve your issue. Call me on 07970298545 or arrange a consultation so we can start the process of getting you better!