What causes us to blush?

Blushing is a physical symptom and sign that we are uncomfortable in a situation or feel 'on the spot'. It can be hugely embarrassing for a person and once you are very aware of it it makes the symptoms and frequency of blushing much worse!

We all blush a little bit now and again but if it is something that affects you on a regular basis it can have a significant impact on your self confidence. I help many people learn how to manage their fear of blushing so that it becomes something that has little or no affect on their life anymore. 

When we blush it is usually a sign we are socially anxious i.e. worrying that others are jugging us. I will teach you to boost your confidence in social situations so that blushing becomes much less difficult to tolerate. Once you stop worrying about blushing it stops happening as frequently. Just like when you worry you may blush, you blush instantly!

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