Confidence & Self-Esteem

What is Self-Confidence?

Confidence and Self-Esteem are very much part of the same mindset. If we have high Self-Esteem we have a good opinion of ourselves and our ability to deal with situations as they come up so are more likely to have confidence. We are less likely to put ourselves under the microscope all the time and analyse every little thing we have done wrong. 

Someone is confident when they believe in themselves and their ability to succeed in life. They may show characteristics such as:-

Being successful in their chosen career

Highly sociable

Popular with others

Un-phased by problems

Will step outseide their comfort zone


While it is normal to have low self-confidence at some point in our lives it is   more serious if this feeling of 'not being good enough' is affecting daily life. It can then become very disruptive perhaps causing a person to become socially withdrawn as they don't feel they can mix with other people or holding themselves back from applying for a job they really want as they couldn't face an interview. Some one with confidence issues may even avoid romantic relationships as they don't feel capable of meeting someone and getting to know them one to one.

What is Self-Esteem?

As I mentioned earlier, Self-Esteem is intertwined with confidence. That being said you can still have good Self-Esteem and suffer from lack of confidence in certain situations. What you will do, however, is brush that off, not beat yourself up about it, learn from it and recognise you are human and therefore not perfect!

Self-Esteem encompasses what you believe about yourself. Are you like able, worthwhile, intelligent, capable, kind etc

Low Self-Confidence and low Self-Esteem  can go hand in hand with a high level of Social Anxiety or social phobia. The lower your Self-Esteem the more you are likely to worry about what people are thinking about you and this has a knock on affect to confidence as you will very often avoid social situations which reinforces your feelings.

Hypnotherapy & Mindset Training for Confidence & Self-Esteem

Your self view is an opinion and a belief, therefore it is not set in stone. I will guide you to changing this belief by helping you to view experiences in a much more positive and helpful way.  I will help you re-train your self talk to become more supportive, kind and positive which will have your confidence growing in no time! Call me on 07970298545 or book a free consultation to discuss how i can help you build self confidence.

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