What is Depression?

Depression is much more than feeling 'a bit sad' and the symptoms experienced are often complex and varied. We all feel low at times and find life a bit difficult, but if you are depressed it is much more significant and you will feel persistently down for weeks or months rather than a day or two. Often there is no particular 'cause' for feeling so sad and hopeless (eg death of a loved one or relationship break up) so it's incredibly hard to just 'get over it'.

Feeling depressed can result in losing interest in all the things you used to enjoy and starts to impact negatively on your work, social and family life. Many people with depression also have symptoms of anxiety. In severe cases people can feel suicidal and that life is no longer worth living.

There are many other symptoms, which can be psychological, physical and social.


Psychological symptoms include:

continuous low mood or sadness

feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

low self-esteem


feelings of guilt

feeling irritable and intolerant of others

lack of motivation and little interest in things

difficulty making decisions

lack of enjoyment

suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself

feeling anxious or worried

reduced sex drive

Physical symptoms include:

slowed movement or speech

change in appetite or weight (usually decreased, but sometimes increased)


unexplained aches and pains

lack of energy or lack of interest in sex

changes to the menstrual cycle

disturbed sleep patterns (for example, problems going to sleep or waking in the early hours of the morning)

Social symptoms include:

not doing well at work

taking part in fewer social activities and avoiding contact with friends

reduced hobbies and interests

difficulties in home and family life

difficulties communicating

becoming withdrawn and isolated

feeling like a burden


It can take some time to recognise that you may be depressed. Depression may come on gradually and some people continue to deal with the symptoms without recognising them. It can take a friend or family member to suggest that something is wrong.

Grief and Depression

Even though grief and depression share many of the same characteristics, there are important differences between them. Grief is an entirely natural response to a loss, while depression is an illness. However, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between feelings of grief and depression.

People who are grieving find that feelings of loss and sadness come and go, but they are still able to enjoy things and look forward to the future. However, people who are depressed have a constant feeling of sadness. They do not enjoy anything and have little sense of a positive future.

Hypnotherapy and Mindset Training for Depression

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