Visualise your way to Success

Did you know that your thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actual physical actions?

What this means is that what you think about or picture directly impacts cognitive processes in the brain, such as motor control, attention, perception, planning & memory. So, it is like the brain is getting in a rehearsal for the real act when you visualise things.

If you are visualising or thinking about things in a negative way, such as being anxious in a situation then you are priming your brain to respond this way. If you are picturing failing an exam, for example, then you're less likely to perform your best.

Positive Visualisation is an essential tool if you want to get the best out of yourself and achieve your goals. Spend time visualising yourself succeeding at a job interview, or getting stronger and fitter in the gym then you are priming your brain to respond this way.

It is a technique used by many top athletes, such as Tiger Woods, who has famously used positive visualisation throughout his career to achieve his level of success.  If you want to be the best you can be, you need to spend time picturing it first!

You don't need to spend long, just a minute or so every day. Have a practice, choose one of your goals and spend a few seconds when you wake up in the morning visualising yourself achieving it. Close your eyes and picture what you will look like when you get there and most importantly how you will feel. Will you feel proud, happy, positive, grateful? Get in the habit of visualising positively and you will find you start pushing yourself towards your goals and achieving what you want to achieve.

Lorna xx