Understanding Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are often much more subtle than negative ones so can be easily ignored or downplayed. Emotions such as anger or fear are so forceful and prompt such stong reactions within us that they are easily recognised and therefore seem to have a bigger impact over us. 

Positive emotions can be much more gentle and promote a quieter feeling within us, so it is easy to overlook them. However, once we can learn to really recognise them and nurture them, positive emotions are powerful in ways that negative emotions are not. They can help us grow, learn and develop.

Are you able to recognise the below as being postive emotions? Have a look at each one and try and conjure up a memory related to that emotion and notice the positve feelings you get. 











These provoke a much more subtle feeling than perhaps thinking of a time you were really sad or afraid so can be far easier to miss. Indeed, if someone is contented much of the time it will almost seem neutral or normal. That is why it is so important to focus on your positive feelings and try and develop them as much as possible. It is from emotions like these that we can grow and change as a person. For example, if we are inspired we will want to do more. If we have hope we will want to make changes for the better. If we are interested we will learn etc. This can be a very powerful. 

Have a go at stopping once in a while to really think about what you are doing and focus on the feeling it brings you.

Lorna x