How to stick to your New Year resolutions



At this time of year I am busy offering a helping hand to many people who have already lost sight of their new year goals or who are struggling to move forward. If this sounds like you - you are already falling off the wagon or your will power has gone into hiding – then read on!


New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to, with most people having given up within the first few weeks. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is the 'new year, new me' idea. It starts off with great gusto, but often with unrealistic expectations that, because you want to change, then it will happen automatically simply because it's a new year.


I coach people to make significant and lasting changes to their lives by using innovative and exciting techniques, including positive psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. This enables clients to develop a positive and powerful mindset. 


It’s really important to create change for the long term, not just the short term. There is no avoiding the effort and hard work needed to make long and lasting changes, so once this becomes apparent the initial rush of excitement fades along with motivation. Secondly, people often start with a mindset for failure, thinking ‘I will try’. Try is not the same as ‘I will’ and leaves room for doubt. If you don't have the underlying belief you will really do something, then you won't put in the 100% effort needed to make it happen. Beliefs drive everything we do and unless you spend time re-wiring your brain and behaviours, then you will often slip back into bad habits.


Lastly, society doesn't help. There are hundreds of “new year” deals such as cheaper gym memberships or diet plans, at least for the first couple of months. The prices then increase as people drop off. This re-affirms people's beliefs that no-one sticks to resolutions!


My advice is that the best way to make changes is not to make a resolution at all, but rather to make a commitment to make a realistic change. Don't make a resolution, make a commitment to make a change that you will realistically need to work on every day for the foreseeable future. Start with one goal and make it small and achievable. Don't set about overhauling your whole life in one go. If you want to quit smoking, just focus on that one day at a time. Set yourself up to succeed and it will motivate you and boost self-esteem. Recognise that New Year is not the only time of year you can make a change. You can make it happen any day at anytime, why wait?!


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