Attitude of Gratitude

As people we have a negativity bias in our thinking. What this means is that we tend to look for and focus on what is wrong in a situation. So, for example, if we go for a job interview we are likely to come out and straight away zoom in on what we said 'wrong' or how we let ourselves down rather than what we did well. We are more likely to dwell on what is missing from our lives rather than what we have.  

This comes from a primitive part of our brain developed to keep us aware of danger at all times. It is possible to overcome this bias, however, by training ourselves to override it. It is certainly worth the effort as we are more likely to feel happier & be more resilient if we do.

One way to do this is to become more aware of what we are grateful for & focussing on what we have rather than what we haven't got in our lives. This is a really powerful habit to get into and can help shift that negativity bias. It won't happen immediately though, repetition & persistence is needed to build a habit. Start by listing a few things every day that you are grateful for and focus on them for a few minutes. If you do this regularly it will start to alter your perspective. 

Create yourself an attitude of gratitude :)

Lorna x