10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

How well do you really treat yourself?

I would suspect the answer to this questions is not nearly well enough! 

And yet practicing self-care is such an important part of building confidence and self-belief. If we don't appreciate and look after ourselves we are confirming that we aren't really that important or perhaps we don't deserve it. Not only that, self-care is essential for good mental health habits. It's great being busy all the time or highly focussed but stress always finds a way of catching up with us!

So here are my top 10 tips for a bit of self-care that you can fit easily into your life but that can make a huge difference to well being:

1/ Be Selfish - at least once a week do something just because you want to and with zero guilt! It could be simply watching a favourite tv show with no interuptions or reading a book. 

2/ Unplug for an hour - once a week make sure you unplug every device for an hour. Step away from social media & email. It can all wait and your mental health will thank you for the time out!

3/ De-clutter - Every couple of months go through your posessions and see what you can take to the charity shop. It feels really good to let go of stuff you don't need.

4/ Exercise - Shedule time in at least 3 times a week to exercise. It is the best way to look after mind and body at the same time. 

5/ Get a massage - the benefits for relaxation and well being are well documented. Scheduling in a monthly massage is a great way to treat yourself.

6/ Nap - this one is my very favourite!!! a 20min nap can do wonders to re-charge and give you a boost. Once a week won't hurt, allow youself this indulgence - again guilt free!

7/ Ask for Help  - stop seeing this as somehow a sign of weakness or that you can't cope. We all need a little help and people love to help those they care about.

8/ Be still - for a couple of minutes everyday just stop. Breathe. Focus on the moment, then carry on.

9/ Say No - not all the time just now and again. You cannot do it all. Saying no is a great way to build your self-esteem and tell yourself what you want is important.

10/ Embrace your imperfections - We all have them and they make us unique and wonderful. Make an effort to think about your 'flaws' in a positive and warm way rather than harsh and critical. 

Don't forget to make time to laugh as much as possible too! 

Lorna x